Welcome to the Workshop

Learn beginner web development from a professional web developer with 10+ years experience… And the best bit…  it’s free!!!

About the Workshop

The workshop is designed for beginner web developers and D.I.Y website enthusiasts looking to build their own websites and to get help with their projects.

Divi Link for Workshoppers!


 Thanks for coming everyone. Enjoy divi and if you or any of your friends need a developer then send them my way. If you need advice on plugins and hosting scroll down.


It would be great to get some feedback from you about the Workshops, a little testimonial from you would also be greatly appreciated.

Host details

Name: Tom Thorley
website: https://tomthorley.digital

Let’s get started

Setting up a new WordPress site

Firstly, you will need a domain name. We host a lot of our sites with Siteground so we tend to register domain names with them too, so that’s who we recommend.

Ultimate WordPress hosting

Recommended Web Hosting

The two hosting companies below are who we personally recommend to go with. We use both. Siteground is the best bang for buck in the business and Kinsta is top of the range for those special projects.

Honourable mention

Another very popular and specialist WordPress hosting solution is WPEngine. we definitely recommend checking them out, we use them for some of our clients and we love their features and great customer support. Click the link for 3 free months hosting!

Best WordPress theme

Recommended Theme – DIVI

We recommend using the Divi theme by Elegant themes. It’s the perfect starter WordPress theme for non-coders.

Why is it so good?

Easy to create a great looking website. No coding skills required.
Quick to learn and very powerful
A lot of documentation and online support

The only other pagebuilder we would recommend is Elementor which can be used as a Plugin on any theme and performs in a similar way to Divi.

For more great themes check out ThemeForest and if you use our link you will get 25% off! 

Essential WordPress plugins

Recommended Plugins

Choosing plugins for your WordPress site can be overwhelming, there are so many to choose from but only a few outstanding ones.

Below is our list of recommendations based on experience, the highlighted affiliate links will take you to the relevant plugin page.

Best Ecommerce Plugin

Woocommerce is without a doubt the best ecommerce plugin for WordPress and the only one we would recommend.

Best Slider Plugin

The best lightweight slider plugin for WordPress is Soliloquy. Alternatively I would use something like owl slider or slick slider but these require coding to implement so I won’t officially add them to this list.

Best Forms Plugin

Probably the best premium option for a forms plugin is Gravity Forms. It comes with so many options and extensions vailable you can do pretty much anything you can imagine.

However, if you are looking for good free options then I would recommend WPforms or Ninja forms. Both work really well and Ninja forms has a nice user interface.

Alternatively just use the form module built into the Divi theme builder.


Best Image Optimisation Plugin

Smush is an incredibly easy to use image optimisation plugin. Another one which is also recommened by the essential WP Rocket is Imagify which we use a lot.

If you need a little extra oomph and you’re looking for a premium option then Kraken.io is the beast of choice. 

Best Speed Optimisation Plugin

There is only one real choice when it comes to the speed optimisation on your WordPress site. 

WP Rocket – just get it. it’s worth it.

Best Security Plugin

We usually flit between the following two security plugins, both of which we rate highly.

Sucuri is currently on almost all of our websites.

Wordfence comes in at a close second for our favourite security plugins.

Best SEO plugin

One of the best SEO plugins and platforms out there – SEMRush offers premium features at a fair price. Check it out.

Alternatively if you are looking for a good free option the YoastSEO plugin is an industry staple and has been for many years.

Best Content Delivery Network (CDN)

One of our favourite CDN providers is StackPath they offer high end features at an affordable price.

A great alternative is Cloudflare which offers a great free version.

We are WordPress experts

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